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About Garth Stahl

Garth Stahl completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK in the Education, Equality and Development Research Group. His research title was White Working-class boys' negotiations of school experience and engagement where he studies twenty-three white working-class boys’ experiences with education and their identity construction over seven months. The research was conducted in three urban school environments using classroom observation, semi-structured interviews, visual methods and focus groups. Data shows the heterogeneity of the white working-class boys and explores factors impacting on engagement and disengagement from education. Prior to Cambridge Garth worked in the London state education sector as a Teacher of English and Head of Sociology Department over the course of nine years. Garth’s main research interests are: social research methods and methodology, masculinities, sociology of education, Bourdieu, ethnography, urban education, educational inequalities (race, class, gender, etc), applied sociology.