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Mark Murphy Mark Murphy is a Reader in Education and Public Policy at the University of Glasgow. He previously worked as an academic at King’s College, London, University of Chester, University of Stirling, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, University College Dublin and Northern Illinois University. Mark is an active researcher in the fields of education and public policy. His research interests include educational sociology, critical theory, accountability in higher education, and public sector reform.
  • Some Ideas for the Site…
    Posted in: Theory

      Some objectives for the site were outlined on the ‘About this site’ page, but it’s early days and we’re still trying to figure out how socialtheoryapplied can be used

  • “A Butterfly Fixed to a Cork”
    Posted in: Dirty Looks

    (c) Tangential Martin Jay, in an excellent paper ‘Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, and the search for a new ontology of sight’ (itself part of a superb set of essays Modernity and the

  • Wrapt In a Brown Mantle
    Posted in: Dirty Looks

    The line ‘wrapt in a brown mantle’ is taken from T.S. Eliot‘s poem The Waste Land. It is part of a section (lines 359-365) that was inspired by an experience

  • The Desire to be Desired
    Posted in: Dirty Looks

    Love is a relational emotion as central to the human condition as the need for physical sustenance. It is an emotion inescapable in both public and private life, with much

  • The Celebration of Difference
    Posted in: Dirty Looks

    (c) Don McCullough The European Union is currently experiencing a number of challenges to its existence, challenges that were always present but have been compounded and magnified since the global