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About Olga Campbell-Thomson

Olga Campbell-Thomson Over the past twenty years, my career has encompassed research and teaching in the fields of Linguistics, Speech Communication and Education in the United States, Cyprus and the Middle East. For the last seven years, I was lecturing in the University of Qatar and, in parallel, I studied for my doctorate degree in Education at the University of Manchester, England. During this time, my home base was in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which I chose as the research site for my dissertation project. I have now relocated to Scotland and I am continuing my research into the role of education in sustaining or reducing conflict in society. I am particularly interested in how students’ identities are structured through their schooling experience. I apply Foucault’s analytic tools to describe, understand and explain social process of identity construction in the context of schooling. I am also interested in broader issues of social cohesion and intercultural relationships, and am expanding my theoretical base into various strands of social theory, as well as exploring Plato’s ideas on the relationships between the individual, the community and social morality.