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  • How do you analyse qualitative data? A supervisor speaks

    How do people – research students in particular – make sense of large amounts of qualitative data? In my experience of supervising, this is a real issue for many students. And that’s not surprising. One of the expectations of post-graduate work is

  • Education researchers! Let’s get out more

    As usual I went to the annual Social Policy Association Conference, this time held at the University of Sheffield. I always get a lot out of this conference, one of the reasons being that I can attend sessions on topics such as

  • “We need to talk about Actor Network Theory”

    A few weeks ago, these eight words were enough to catapult me straight into full-on panic mode… When I say panic mode, I am of course exaggerating a little. However, this suggestion, which was raised in a recent supervision meeting, made me

  • Tribalism, oh no!

    In Monday’s edition of the Guardian newspaper, John Harris wrote an article entitled ‘No mainstream party truly understands conservatism’. Harris was at pains to illustrate how British Tory voters were ill-served by either of the mainstream political parties. He was also at