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If you want to get in touch to discuss the content of the site, possible future contributions/collaborations, or for any other reason, you can contact us via Mark Murphy at – we would be happy to hear from you.


  1. Monjurul Islam

    Hello, I am a PhD student at University of Malaya and I would like to join ………….

    • Mark Murphy

      Hi there, you should be able to subscribe via the ‘subscribe’ button on the website – let us know if you are able to do this, all the best

  2. Guðrún Valsdóttir

    Hi. I am a adjunct and a PhD student and would like to be a member of the group. How do i do that?


  3. Kaleigh C

    I am a college student taking a Social Science Research Methods course in the US. I am writing a short op-ed on whether sociology should be considered a science. I am looking for an example of a theoretical model that was never supported by empirical data to prove that even without empirical data the theoretical model can still be valuable. Do you have any examples?

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