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Mark Murphy

  • Flirckr (CC) by Val Kerry
    Can technology deliver on the promise of radical pedagogies?

    I am currently debating on this question as I am teaching a course that aims to introduce students to the concepts and practices behind educational technologies while exploring their impact in and outside the classroom as tools for learning.   In addition

  • Can education change society?

    Earlier this year Michael Apple published a book entitled Can education change society? (Routledge). Anyone familiar with Apple’s work would not be surprised by such a title; they also wouldn’t be surprised that it’s a very readable take on the possibilities of

  • Textbooking: Research and education

    This year I wrote ‘Research and education’ with Will Curtis and Sam Shields and it was published last month by Routledge. Given the pressures of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) I have to admit I thought twice about producing a textbook ostensibly