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Cultural capital

  • Photo by Flickr ID Kelayc (CC)
    The digital divide is shifting, but is it for the better?

      A study published by Deursen and Dijk (2014) provides a new angle on the Digital Divide debate which has often been guilty of a binary classification of technology “haves and haves not” (p, 14). Placed in the Dutch context the research

  • Youth transitions in Kashmir: Putting Bourdieu to work

      Article: Mohd Aslam Bhat and Tareak A. Rather (2013) Youth transitions in Kashmir: exploring the relationships between habitus, ambitions and impediments. South Asia Research, Vol. 33(3): 185–204. Bourdieu’s ideas get applied across a wide range of areas and international contexts, having

  • Is Cultural Capital Still Useful in Education Research?

    Thanks to last week’s publication of results from the Great British Class Survey (GBCS) in the Journal Sociology, Britain got to talking about social class once again. Not only that, thanks to the design of the research (led by Mike Savage and