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  • Accessing the experiences of ‘estranged’ students

    Since January 2018, we have been exploring the experiences of ‘Estranged Students’ in Higher Education and this week we presented some of the preliminary findings of the project at the BERA conference (11th-13th Sept. 2018). We follow this with our conference at

  • Automation and the end of work … again

    These has been so much recent chatter about automation and its precarious effects on the labour market that it’s easy to forget that such chatter has been with us for decades. The 1990s for example saw the publication of Jeremy Rifkin’s The

  • Photo by Samantha Carlson
    Academia’s Wives

    At this year’s Edinburgh Festival, I went to see Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy read from her The World’s Wife (1999) collection of poems. In the book, Duffy takes well-known stories which focus on men, twisting and re-presenting these anew. In doing