Bringing ideas to life


  • Let’s talk about British emigration for a change

    ‘Immigration, immigration, immigration’ – ok, a cheap shot at New Labour but not far off as an approximation of the current debate around European labour mobility. Discourse in the UK around issues of migration across borders has been so effectively colonised by

  • Youth transitions in Kashmir: Putting Bourdieu to work

      Article: Mohd Aslam Bhat and Tareak A. Rather (2013) Youth transitions in Kashmir: exploring the relationships between habitus, ambitions and impediments. South Asia Research, Vol. 33(3): 185–204. Bourdieu’s ideas get applied across a wide range of areas and international contexts, having

  • Interactive Grumbles: Bringing my BERA 2013 paper to life

    This post has emerged from a paper that Mark Murphy and myself presented (with input from Jim Conroy) at BERA 2013. The overarching idea behind the paper was to show, using my research as an example, some of the difficulties faced by