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    I found this article in my web search “expectations vs. aspirations”. I was seeking a conversation on the subject as I have recently noted a difference in the two experiences and how they impact my thoughts of the future.
    I find that when I “expect” something, there is a fixed idea of how it should look and when I receive something different or not at all, I feel a disappointment and causes undue emotional suffering. My ability to adapt to the unexpected outcome is delayed, thus slowing my recovery to foster a new direction.
    When I “aspire”, the idea of the outcome is quite general and the entitlement mentioned in your essay is not present, therefore, it becomes more of an experiment on what may become of my endeavors and less of a set-up for feelings of failure or an inability to adapt to an undesired outcome.

    Thanks for sharing your view on this and giving me an opportunity to share my ideas.

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