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  • Foucault and the dyslexic subject

    Dyslexia is a learning difficulty which affects reading, writing, spelling and memory skills and occurs across the full range of intellectual abilities (Rose, 2009). In the UK it is classed as a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) and it is estimated that 10%

  • The experiences of ‘estranged students’: Call for Participants

    Participants are required for the following study: The experiences of ‘estranged students’ beyond entry point “Estranged students” can be defined as a group of young adults who have unstable, minimal or no contact with either of their biological parents and/or their wider

  • Whose higher education experience is it anyway?

    Whose higher education experience is it anyway? –  Rethinking the university ideal. Bourdieu’s (2015) concept of habitus was central to the research I undertook as part of my EdD, looking at the experience of working class students in a new dual-sector University

  • Should mobile phones be banned from Scottish Schools?

    Should mobile phones be banned from Scottish Schools? Plainly put, no. I must start by saying that I am a big fan of ‘bans’ of any kind. It even intrigues me more when it is connected to education. To ban digital devices

  • Positionality and my PhD

    In this post I delve into some of the questions I asked myself during my journey through the doctoral process to gain a better understanding of myself and awareness of the power structures within which I was situated, and negotiating these spaces

  • Permission to theorise

    A recurring question when talking to researchers is: Am I allowed to use social theory in my research?  What this really means is: ‘what right do I have to apply the works of a master thinker, especially if I haven’t read and