Some objectives for the site were outlined on the ‘About this site’ page, but it’s early days and we’re still trying to figure out how socialtheoryapplied can be used to best effect – and the worst, which can sometimes be welcome too!

First of all, ideally we’d like the site to be a place where the application of social theory takes precedence, i.e., how to actually use concepts such as aporia, habitus, colonisation etc, in research settings. But this core function does not preclude other ones – for example:

  • Discussion and posts on the general relevance and application of theory re education research;
  • Debate on the relationship between theory and research (not just education);
  • Discussion of the relevance and value of social theory generally

It is also hoped that the site can provide an intellectual space where ideas from other theoretical paradigms, combined with concepts from social theory, can be brought to bear on educational issues. This is not to say that such combinations don’t already exist, but it would be good if this site could contribute to developing such frameworks further.

But these are just suggestions! Feel free to make other suggestions about what we can do with the site (practical or conceptual) – look forward to hearing from you,

Mark and Anna

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