Yesterday, a blog post came to my attention on Twitter. Written by ‘Angry Sociologist’, the post argues that sociology, rather than being the progressive force of popular and professional imagination, is instead a self-serving discipline pursuing its own set of interests under the guise of ‘talking truth to power’ (I paraphrase but I think that’s fairly accurate). As an indication of the content, here’s a quote from the text:    

Sociology maintains its cyclical qualities; each year a new group of (non-)thinkers are recruited to the various competing degrees offered up and down the country and will likely develop to become nothing more than the puppets of the future that will help to provide the various competing degrees up and down the country maintaining the myth of sociology.

This understandably received some responses, and I’ve compiled some of them below. It’s an important discussion and still continuing – if you’re interested read the original post What does sociology do? and feel free to get involved. You may even be able to tweet from this page – will check this, Mark