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  • The Politics of Regulation, Pt. 2: Time and the Front Line

    One regulatory mechanism accountability must inevitably encounter is time, although there is a surprising dearth of research on this relationship. This is surprising, as for Lipsky’s street-level bureaucrats, the exercise of professional judgement is essential to their function as shapers of public

  • A Different Take on Educational Leadership…

    In this post, Donald Gillies talks about his forthcoming book Educational Leadership and Michel Foucault (Routledge, July 2013)… The origins of this book were serendipitous. I gave a paper at the ECER conference in Helsinki  in 2010 where I used  a Foucauldian approach to

  • Foucault and the World University: Ansgar Allen Responds

    Here, Ansgar Allen responds to a previous post ‘What can Foucault tell us about the future of the university?‘ which commented on a recent article of his… The political future of Foucauldian critique is very much in the balance. It is threatened

  • What Can Foucault Tell Us About the Future of the University?

    [image (c) Gerard van Schagen] In his paper “The idea of a world university: Can Foucauldian research offer a vision of educational futures?” (published originally in Pedagogy, Culture and Society), Ansgar Allen provides a critique of both Foucault and also other authors who