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  • Foucault and academic leadership in Taiwan: A BERA2103 blog post

    This is the second post linked to the event: BERA 2013 Conference: Social Theory and Education SIG papers – the paper is entitled: BERA2013 paper: From Decontextualisation to Contextualisation – the Discursive Formation of ‘Technology Leadership’ in Taiwan’s Academic Field Does the growing

  • “We need to talk about Actor Network Theory”

    A few weeks ago, these eight words were enough to catapult me straight into full-on panic mode… When I say panic mode, I am of course exaggerating a little. However, this suggestion, which was raised in a recent supervision meeting, made me

  • Theory shopping – a supervisor perspective

    How do people – research students in particular – arrive at the theory that’s right for their project or for them? In my experience of supervising, this is a real issue for some students. And that’s not surprising. One of the expectations

  • Academic Cherrypicking; and ‘Lensification’

    I only noticed it at editing stage, but an important debate had threaded itself through some of the chapters in my recently published book on Social theory and education research. This debate related to the appropriate use of social theory in applied

  • Doctoral Summer School! – this June at Stirling University

    Our sister association, TheoryLab, is hosting its 4th international doctoral summer school this June. The deadline for applications is April 2nd. More information can be found on their website…      The Laboratory for Educational Theory will host its fourth international doctoral summer school