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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

  • There is no other: On Hegel and intersubjectivity

    The cult of the individual permeates so much modern thinking about society, equality and democracy that, when combined with the romance of individualism (heroism, glory and vanity all wrapped into one), little space is left to consider the alternatives. Whatever space is

  • Achtung, maybe

    Axel’s Honneth’s recent compendium of essays The I in We: studies in the theory of recognition is a bit of a Hegel love-in. As Honneth says himself, the essays are all effectively efforts to ‘build upon the assumptions of a Hegelian theory

  • Some thoughts on Merleau-Ponty, Hegel and existentialism

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the work of Maurice Merleau-Ponty; these reflections are based on a reading of his: ‘Hegel’s existentialism’ In Maurice Merleau-Ponty Sense and non-sense (1964) Evanston: Northwestern University Press (pp. 63-70). It includes a useful account of

  • What I’m Reading Now … Paul Ricoeur

    Lately I’ve been reading Paul Ricoeur’s book The course of recognition, as I have a strong interest in all things relational. I came to Ricoeur’s work, however, long after I first encountered Charles Taylor, Nancy Fraser and in particular Axel Honneth, one