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Michel Foucault

  • Using Foucault in School Research: Thinking Beyond the Panopticon

    The ideas of Michel Foucault are an obvious point of reference for social researchers studying schools. In Discipline and Punish, Foucault explicitly analyses schooling as an apparatus of modern disciplinary power. And it is easy to draw parallels between his well-known account

  • Academic Cherrypicking; and ‘Lensification’

    I only noticed it at editing stage, but an important debate had threaded itself through some of the chapters in my recently published book on Social theory and education research. This debate related to the appropriate use of social theory in applied

  • So What Led Me to Critical Theory?

    I was asked this question recently, and it’s a good one. Rarely if ever do I ask this question of myself, probably because Max Horkheimer, Herbert Marcuse et al have occupied a central place in my intellectual development for as long as

  • A Different Take on Educational Leadership…

    In this post, Donald Gillies talks about his forthcoming book Educational Leadership and Michel Foucault (Routledge, July 2013)… The origins of this book were serendipitous. I gave a paper at the ECER conference in Helsinki  in 2010 where I used  a Foucauldian approach to

  • Foucault and the World University: Ansgar Allen Responds

    Here, Ansgar Allen responds to a previous post ‘What can Foucault tell us about the future of the university?‘ which commented on a recent article of his… The political future of Foucauldian critique is very much in the balance. It is threatened