Editor’s Choice: Education and social mobility

This is a double special issue in the latest edition of the British Journal of Sociology of Education, guest edited by Phillip Brown, Diane Reay & Carol Vincent. As you might expect, included are numerous studies that borrow heavily from Bourdieu, but not exclusively – the likes of Boudon also make an appearance (see Thompson and Simmons’ paper which revisits Boudon’s model of social opportunity). The subjects covered include the likes of:

  • Social mobility in elite US secondary schools
  • Higher education and the mobilising of capitals
  • Responses to the British attitudes survey 1983-2010
  • Impact of academic failure on mobility of working-class students
  • Rural student experiences in a Chinese elite university
  • Transmission of educational inequality in the Netherlands
  • Black middle-class children, racism and schooling
  • Refuges, education and social mobility

This is well worth a closer examination – I will come back to this double edition myself over the coming weeks …