image by Ryan McGilchrist

image by Ryan McGilchrist

The Social Theory Applied Blogging Project is an innovative collaborative project that seeks to explore issues in social theory from a variety of perspectives [you can access the website here]. Run jointly between the Social Theory Applied team (Co-editors Mark Murphy and Cristina Costa) and Hutcheson’s Grammar School in Glasgow, the project brings together leading scholars in social theory and pupils and staff at the school.

Over the course of the 2015-2016 academic year the project team (external scholars, pupils & Hutchesons’ staff) will blog on topics of mutual interest on the Social Theory Applied website. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop their blogs into papers to be considered for publication in the newly established Journal of Applied Social Theory:  It is hoped that the end result will be a special edition in the journal, co-produced by staff and pupils. Along the way we also envisage a one-off mini-conference to take place at the University of Glasgow. This will provide contributors (pupils as well as school/university staff) an opportunity to share their ideas and reflections with a wider community of academics, practitioners and others who might be interested in this initiative.

As you can imagine we’re quite excited about this project – it’s a new activity for us but promises to make a great contribution to how we think about social theory and its applications. We met with some of the interested school pupils last week and it was great to witness their enthusiasm for getting involved – many thanks to them for agreeing to take part. And of course many thanks also to the school staff who have made this possible and are also willing to give up their time to this initiative.

So if you’re interested in this project please watch this space as there will be regular online activity on the website over the next year. If you want to get in touch directly please contact either Dr Mark Murphy, Reader in Education and Public Policy, the University of Glasgow: or Dr Philip Tonner, Director, The Hutchesons’ Centre for Research:

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