I was interviewed recently by Dr. Philip Tonner, Director of The Hutcheson’s Centre for Research in Glasgow, who very kindly asked me to shared my thoughts about social theory and education research. I found this a rewarding exercise – it allowed me to express my opinions and reflections on this subject to an actual person, as opposed to an imaginary audience, or even an imagined community. You can access the full interview by clicking on this link: An interview with Dr. Mark Murphy. I talk about other issues alongside the importance of social theory and research – why I ended up immersed in social theory, why certain thinkers over others, the state of education research etc.  I don’t think it turned into a rant (this can happen, believe me), but you can be the judge of that. As always I’d be very interested in your comments – I’m also interested in making further connections and building networks across this field of work so feel free to get in touch, best wishes, Mark