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Jürgen Habermas

  • Habermas on the tasks of a critical sociology

    [this is an extract from a forthcoming edited collection ‘Habermas and social research’ (Routledge) – see here for more details] While ongoing dialogues with Habermas’ intellectual positions and the existence of numerous applications of his core concepts, testify to his relevance to the

  • What theories can accomplish – and what they can’t

    This is the title of a chapter in a book called Jürgen Habermas: The past as future, most of which is devoted to detailing an extended interview with Habermas conducted by Michael Haller. This book is a nice way in for people

  • An Awareness of What is Missing

    Discussion over reason and religion has been so overshadowed by the work of Richard Dawkins and his ilk, that it might surprise some to suggest a debate could ever take place between the two. It might be the case that such debates have a

  • The public sphere: Paradise lost, in more ways than one

    Article: Laura Knoppers (2014) Gender and the Public Sphere in Habermas and Milton: New Critical Directions Literature Compass 11/9: 615–624 Milton scholarship has been drawn to the work of Habermas as a way of grappling with Milton’s ideas about the public sphere,