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Nancy Fraser

  • Nancy Fraser on subaltern counter publics

    Nancy Fraser (1990) adapted the notion of the subaltern to characterise the alternative discursive spaces occupied by subordinated social groups more generally, such as women, workers, peoples of colour, and gays and lesbians. She calls these spaces subaltern counter publics as they

  • What do we mean by social justice?

                                [please note – this post is part of a collaborative project between Social Theory Applied and the staff and pupils of Hutchesons’ School in Glasgow – but feel

  • What I’m Reading Now … Paul Ricoeur

    Lately I’ve been reading Paul Ricoeur’s book The course of recognition, as I have a strong interest in all things relational. I came to Ricoeur’s work, however, long after I first encountered Charles Taylor, Nancy Fraser and in particular Axel Honneth, one