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  • Queer Religious Youth in Colliding Contexts

    Making Space for Queer Identifying Religious Youth is now out, published by Palgrave (2015), based on the Economic and Social Research project by the same title. Book out – and findings ‘found’ – I find myself returning to the question of what

  • How young people understand social class

    This is another post linked to the event: BERA 2013 Conference: Social Theory and Education SIG papers – the paper is entitled: ‘Direct, Indirect and Relational: Social class Manifestations in Teenage Students’ Accounts’ Social class identity is an issue widely discussed by

  • A sociological perspective on youth

    Youth is not just a biological category; it’s also a societal invention. This may sound like socio-babble but as we have changed from an agricultural to post-industrial society our definition of youth has evolved. Young people used to be parental property; nurtured