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  • How will higher education shape the future? A symposium

    Roles and responsibility of the university in shaping future societies How can higher education adapt to rapid changes? How can we prepare the students for an unknowable and uncertain future? How can digitalisation contribute to or represent a threat to the original

  • Why we need radical education in social movements

    Reflections on AERC 2016: Drawing Tomorrow’s Blueprint from Today’s Inkwell This reflective essay is based on my contribution to the closing panel of the 2016 Adult Education Research Conference (AERC) in which we were tasked to reflect on the conference and share

  • Antonio Gramsci: A Pedagogy to Change the World

    Imprisoned by a regime that, by 1930, enjoyed a wide consensus, Antonio Gramsci had an overarching concern while writing the Prison Notebooks: he wanted to understand why it was that Italian workers supported some strong-jawed dictator, someone who offered the greatness of

  • Finding your writing flow

    How can doctoral students complete their theses timely? A number of factors facilitate timely completions including the availability of tailored feedback, a support network and being organised. These were highlighted in my recent enquiry with Hilary Burgess of what helps doctoral students

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    Can emancipation happen at school?

    Alessandra Aloisi provides a critical review of Bingham’s Biesta’s book on Jacques Ranciere: Education, Truth, Emancipation There is an educational concern in Jacques Rancière’s political and aesthetic writing that has been mostly overlooked by scholars. On the one hand, the Ignorant schoolmaster