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Social science

  • Making a case for documentary research

    Documentary-based research (sometimes called desk-based research) is just as valid as any other research method, so long as it fits the purpose of the study in question. It is an attractive method to those influenced by postmodern or poststructuralist approaches in understanding

  • Committing digital sociology

    [Check out Mark Carrigan for commentary on the ‘committing sociology’ phrase…] I’m one of the speakers at the What is Digital Sociology? Event organised by the BSA Digital Sociology group, which takes place on the 16th July in London. I’m looking forward

  • Some Ideas for the Site…

      Some objectives for the site were outlined on the ‘About this site’ page, but it’s early days and we’re still trying to figure out how socialtheoryapplied can be used to best effect – and the worst, which can sometimes be welcome