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BERA 2013

  • Does educational research matter?

    This is the question posed in a recent briefing document produced by BERA (29th August 2013), entitled Why education research matters. The briefing document is designed to inform future funding decisions and details a range of case studies to illustrate the importance

  • How young people understand social class

    This is another post linked to the event: BERA 2013 Conference: Social Theory and Education SIG papers – the paper is entitled: ‘Direct, Indirect and Relational: Social class Manifestations in Teenage Students’ Accounts’ Social class identity is an issue widely discussed by

  • Here’s an idea … for conferences

    I’ve always enjoyed conferences. I like the concentration of academic effort, the opportunity to engage with colleagues from other institutions, the chance to catch up with old friends. Most of all I appreciate the immersion in an intellectual culture separate from the

  • What Does 40 Years of Education Research Tell Us?

    During the week I attended an away day for Special Interest Group (SIG) Convenors for the British Education Research Association (BERA), held at the Institute of Education, London. I convene the Social Theory and Education SIG (no surprise there) and the meeting