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  • In the Eye of the Beholder: Honneth, Bourdieu and Recognition

    The most serious criticism faced by Axel Honneth and his attempt to develop a critical theory of recognition, relates to the place of power relations vis-à-vis the relational world. In her book Against Recognition, Lois McNay argues that Honneth’s relational view of

  • Achtung, maybe

    Axel’s Honneth’s recent compendium of essays The I in We: studies in the theory of recognition is a bit of a Hegel love-in. As Honneth says himself, the essays are all effectively efforts to ‘build upon the assumptions of a Hegelian theory

  • Editor’s choice: Childhood and recognition: Honneth Applied

    Article: Thomas, N. (2012). Love, rights and solidarity: Studying children’s participation using Honneth’s theory of recognition. Childhood, 19(4) 453–466. Thomas’ paper on children’s participation is one of a growing number of studies applying the work of Axel Honneth to social research. Through

  • What I’m Reading Now … Paul Ricoeur

    Lately I’ve been reading Paul Ricoeur’s book The course of recognition, as I have a strong interest in all things relational. I came to Ricoeur’s work, however, long after I first encountered Charles Taylor, Nancy Fraser and in particular Axel Honneth, one