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Dirty Looks

  • How do we come to know our place?
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    (c) Nico Hogg This is the question Douglas Robertson asks in his recently published article Knowing Your Place: The Formation and Sustenance of Class-Based Place Identity. Robertson utilises Bourdieu’s theory

  • What did Hegel mean by Geist?
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    (c) Pekka Nikrus In his excellent book The structure of social theory, Anthony King does the social sciences a big favour by taking on the might of the restrictive paradigm

  • Judgement Day
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    In a previous post, I discussed the role of relational conversion via religious institutions, making the argument that religion to a great extent has succeeded in making the invisible but

  • Being taken seriously
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    If the land of confusion does exist, more likely than not it reserves a special place for the concept of serious. It’s common to hear people state their desire to