Bringing ideas to life


  • Habermas on the tasks of a critical sociology

    [this is an extract from a forthcoming edited collection ‘Habermas and social research’ (Routledge) – see here for more details] While ongoing dialogues with Habermas’ intellectual positions and the existence of numerous applications of his core concepts, testify to his relevance to the

  • Positionality and my PhD

    In this post I delve into some of the questions I asked myself during my journey through the doctoral process to gain a better understanding of myself and awareness of the power structures within which I was situated, and negotiating these spaces

  • Losing sleep over habitus

    During the dark days of my PhD, particularly when working graveyard shifts at my hotel, I used to fantasise about a distant future in which I travelled to foreign countries as a sociologist. Going to ECER in Budapest and BERA in Belfast

  • Dramatic encounters: My methodological engagement with Foucault [PART 2]

    This carries on from the previous blog post that explored policy reception in terms of decentralised neoliberalism and/or masked re-centralisation. Part 2 will now demonstrate borrowing from Foucault’s notions of discourse and governmentality. A taste of the methodology … and unconventional mode