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  • The need for decolonisation of intercultural education

    Is it possible to learn from the Other? This simple yet fundamental question for education is at the centre in my new book Decolonising Intercultural Education: Colonial Difference, the Geopolitics of Knowledge, and Inter-Epistemic Dialogue, available from Routledge in August this year.

  • Inequalities, soft practices and access to Scottish higher education

    By Joan Forbes and Elspeth McCartney Inequalities of access to higher education: The role of policy and ‘powerful soft practices’ for more equal childhoods and university chances in Scotland    This comment article addresses the recent speech to Scottish educationists by the Minister

  • Engaging with student resistance in school

    Review of: Eric Toshalis (2015) Make Me! Understanding and Engaging Student Resistance in School, Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press. Books for children often celebrate the exploits of characters who resist or defy authority in some way. There’s Pippi Longstocking and her spirited