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  • Tribalism, oh no!

    In Monday’s edition of the Guardian newspaper, John Harris wrote an article entitled ‘No mainstream party truly understands conservatism’. Harris was at pains to illustrate how British Tory voters were ill-served by either of the mainstream political parties. He was also at

  • What Can Foucault Tell Us About the Future of the University?

    [image (c) Gerard van Schagen] In his paper “The idea of a world university: Can Foucauldian research offer a vision of educational futures?” (published originally in Pedagogy, Culture and Society), Ansgar Allen provides a critique of both Foucault and also other authors who

  • Some Ideas for the Site…

      Some objectives for the site were outlined on the ‘About this site’ page, but it’s early days and we’re still trying to figure out how socialtheoryapplied can be used to best effect – and the worst, which can sometimes be welcome

  • Out now in paperback: Habermas, critical theory and education

    The sociologist and philosopher Jürgen Habermas has had a wide-ranging and significant impact on understandings of social change and social conflict. However, there has been no concerted and focused attempt to introduce his ideas to the field of education broadly. This book