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  • Capturing habitus: theory, method and reflexivity

    By Cristina Costa, Ciaran Burke and Mark Murphy This is the title of a recent paper by some of the team behind Social theory applied, published in  International Journal of Research & Method in Education (click on link to access the paper).

  • Whose higher education experience is it anyway?

    Whose higher education experience is it anyway? –  Rethinking the university ideal. Bourdieu’s (2015) concept of habitus was central to the research I undertook as part of my EdD, looking at the experience of working class students in a new dual-sector University

  • Losing sleep over habitus

    During the dark days of my PhD, particularly when working graveyard shifts at my hotel, I used to fantasise about a distant future in which I travelled to foreign countries as a sociologist. Going to ECER in Budapest and BERA in Belfast

  • Social class, place and the limits of habitus

    [This post is part of a series – click here for the first blog] Mark and Christina’s presentation on Bourdieu in ECER was tokenly about the methodological implications of habitus, although their talk ended up being about far more than mere methods. 

  • Like a fish out of water? Habitus and migration

    [part of the launch week for the book: Bourdieu, Habitus and Social Research: The art of application (published this month by Palgrave). This post refers to the chapter by my colleague Magdalena Nowicka which is called: Habitus – its transformation and transfer through cultural encounters